Anaerobic Training and Its Benefits

Anaerobic Training and Its Benefits

Though avoided by many, the fact remains anaerobic exercise is important. Endurance exercise makes you faster, stronger, and healthier overall . In fact, research has shown that anaerobic exercise may even make you happier than most lower-endurance activities!

While there are many ways to induce an anaerobic workout, one thing is certain: they can all really hurt! Exploring the benefits of this exhausting form of exercise can help push you past completion, reaching a new peak in performance.

What is Anaerobic Exercise?

Anaerobic exercise is any physical activity that is strenuous enough to force your body to require more oxygen than it is able to take in. Exercises such as sprinting, interval training, and heavy weight lifting can cause your muscles to enter a state of anaerobic activity.

As a result of working with less oxygen, your muscles begin to use the precious energy reserved for intense exertion. When energy stores are depleted, muscles produce lactic acid, a byproduct of exercise that causes soreness. While anaerobic exercise cannot last for extended periods, its benefits are far-reaching.

Why the Pain is Worth It

Like any form of exercise, the gains of anaerobic activity increase with frequent practice. As you exert your muscles they learn how to better handle the buildup of lactic acid. This results in a dramatic delay in the feelings and effects of fatigue.

By Offsetting fatigue your body unlocks a set of benefits only attainable by strenuous activity . These results include the building of muscle, an increase with your body’s ability to utilize oxygen, and a dramatic gain in endurance.

It’s simple: anaerobic exercise is a valuable tool for any person looking to attain a greater degree of accomplishment with each successive workout. Whether you run long distances, strike poses daily during yoga, or lift enough weights to turn the Hulk’s green cheeks a rosy red, anaerobic exercise is an absolute must for your training regimen.

Anaerobic Training With NIO

In its quest to build better athletes, the team at NIO has developed a wellness sports tape that takes anaerobic exercise to the next level. NIO FOCUS Pre-Workout promotes anaerobic exercise through an intelligent release of guarana — a natural extract revered as an effective and beneficial source of caffeine.

When approaching optimal wellness and fitness, caffeine does more than wake you up in the morning. Studies show that caffeine serves as a useful supplement in improved anaerobic performance.

As an advanced wearable, NIO offers a unique first-of-its-kind method of nutrient delivery. Designed to stick with athletes as they train, NIO’s system delivers what they need before, during, and after their workout.

NIO is also fortified with vitamin B12 in order to fight against fatigue. This crucial micronutrient assists in facilitating energy maintenance allowing you to achieve optimal performance during intensive workouts.

By combining guarana with B12, along with its patented delivery system and its organic blend of nootropics, NIO Tri-Tape™ is building better athletes.

This is part one of the NIO Builds series. Check back here each week to learn more about NIO’s quest to build better athletes!

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