Bring Wellness to Your 2018

Refreshed from the holidays, we approach the new year with a familiar sense that promotes becoming a better version of our current selves. Fresh starts, new habits, and a renewed sense of optimism are the building blocks to sufficiently attacking any new year.

After a long 2017, it’s time to jump into the new year with the enthusiasm, dedication and wellness that will start the unknown path of 2018 on the right foot. A crucial part of maintaining new beginnings is the preservation and building of physical and mental wellness.

New Year, New Routine, New You

Running a marathon? Great. Hitting some new personal records at the gym? Excellent. Simply focusing on improved fitness for your general well-being? Perfect. With 2018, the most important thing is to set a goal and stick to it.

Having a routine ensures success by giving you a pattern that will become habit. The resulting routing will make sure you will hit your goals and, if you work hard enough, exceed them.

Routines start with the best intentions — for the first few weeks of the year, it is often easy to hit the goals in your routine. However, as life creeps in and becomes more busy, it is easy to lose focus and general motivation. Making a plan and sticking to it is the most crucial component to establishing progress for your health and fitness.

If you know you are going to have a busy day, the morning is your time to shine! While the comfort of your bed sheets is a tempting reason to not get out early, the sense of accomplishment from running your fastest mile or hitting a new PR at the gym is well worth the extra effort.

The sense of accomplishment and endorphins released from an early exercise can be the extra boost needed to propel you through a successful day. Your morning coffee may even taste better!

Sticking to a routine helps to make sure that you do not fall behind. With enough discipline, your workout schedule will become a normal part of your week and something you will not feel forced to do. In fact, you may even feel out of place if you miss your regular exercise routine.

Failure is a Part of Progress

New exercise habits can be a radical change for those who are not used to the daily grind of physical activity. As a result, it’s important to know that failure is a crucial component of progress. If your first mile of the year was an agonizing process, don’t be discouraged! A slow start is the first step to improved results.

Knowing that it is okay to fail helps avoid the pitfalls of discouragement. Letting failure become too discouraging can lead to a complete drop in motivation that can result in falling behind. Instead, use failure to motivate you by looking where you started and comparing that to where you are now.

Failure only happens when pushing yourself — this is a good thing! However, be wary of fatigue. While pushing yourself is part of progress, it is important to listen to your body and stop before it is too late.

NIO: A New Tape for A New Year

NIO was founded with the desire to infuse the training of every athlete with an optimum wellness. Using a tri-tape design, natural adaptogens, and intelligent delivery, the team at NIO has crafted a wearable system designed to build better athletes. As the world’s first wellness sports tape, NIO Tri-Tape™ delivers a multitude of nootropic benefits that promote precision, clarity, and balance. NIO FOCUS Pre-Workout contains what you need to bring your training to its next level.

With NIO FOCUS Pre-Workout, athletes are given the mindfulness needed for optimal training. Packed with a custom blend of nootropic adaptogens that facilitate mental clarity, NIO ensures that your focus is aligned for the new year. Improved cognitive function leads to training that is focused, rewarding, and is continually working with you to reach your next level. By creating a better mind-body connection, NIO gives a natural edge delivered through a revolutionary and first of its kind system.

NIO contains natural nootropic adaptogens which promote the production of dopamine, serotonin, epinephrine, and glutamate — vital components the human body uses to perform at its highest levels. It’s simple: NIO helps deliver the focus needed for productivity under stress.

The benefits of NIO FOCUS Pre-Workout do not stop at the cognitive level. Enhanced focus promotes a healthier lifestyle in a world that can be filled with stress. With NIO, athletes are given access to wellness that promotes a balanced lifestyle. When life gets chaotic, NIO is there to stick with you throughout your day. Additionally, NIO gives energy through a release of guarana — a natural extract known to stimulate alertness and boost anaerobic activity.

Launching in early 2018, NIO is a new type of sports tape and brings a new level of perfection to wellness. A new year means a new you and NIO will be there to help.


Pre-Workout (Proprietary Blend)
Panax Ginseng Root Extract
Shisandra Chinensis Fruit Extract
Methylcobalamin (Vitamin B12)
Paullinia Cupana (Guarana seed extract)
Rhodiola Rosea (root extract)
Lecithin & Isopropyl Palmitate
Huperzia Serrata ExtractVinpocetine


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