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Daily Biohacking With NIO


In the modern age, technology and its influence on daily life is constantly transforming. Phones have evolved into increasingly powerful pocket-sized computers, cars are learning to drive you to destinations automatically, and our houses know when and how to adjust the temperature for comfort. This technological advancement is not just for gadgets produced in factories — it has arrived for your body as well.

Biohacking is an increasingly utilized method to upgrade the body’s physical performance and cognitive function. Simply put, biohacking...

Safe Training: Be Your Best Athlete

Whether preparing for a marathon, the World Series, or the Olympics, elite athletes share a crucial practice: safe training. To avoid injury and maximize your workout gains, adopting these safe training practices is one of the most important steps you can take towards becoming your best athlete.

Train Smart

Workouts should be challenging. However, the combination of high physical exertion and bad habits can have a negative impact on physical health. Motivated by the thrill of success, the...

The Mind-Body Benefits of Nootropics


A healthy mind-body connection is a crucial, but often overlooked, aspect of training. Nootropics can vastly improve your workout by enhancing cognitive performance in a way that facilitates greater physical activity. Improved mindfulness increases the effectiveness of training and promotes an overall sense of health and well-being.

What are Nootropics?

Though nootropics provide a wide array of unique benefits , they are generally defined as supplements that assist brain function. Nootropics increase focus and mental clarity, enhance cognitive function, and establish a stronger...

Anaerobic Training and Its Benefits

Anaerobic Training and Its Benefits

Though avoided by many, the fact remains anaerobic exercise is important. Endurance exercise makes you faster, stronger, and healthier overall . In fact, research has shown that anaerobic exercise may even make you happier than most lower-endurance activities!

While there are many ways to induce an anaerobic workout, one thing is certain: they can all really hurt! Exploring the benefits of this exhausting form of exercise can help push you past completion, reaching a new peak in performance.

The Benefits of Training With NIO

NIO was founded with the desire to infuse the training of every athlete with an optimum level of wellness. Using a tri-tape design, natural adaptogens, and intelligent delivery, the team at NIO has crafted a wearable system designed to build better athletes.

As the world’s first wellness sports tape, NIO Tri-Tape™ delivers a multitude of nootropic benefits that promote precision, clarity, and balance. NIO FOCUS Pre-Workout contains a focused blend of ingredients designed to bring your training to its next level.