How should I apply Tri-Tape?
Tri-Tape should be applied to a clean, dry and hairless area. Three ideal locations found during testing are on the outer bicep, lower back, or on the legs at the quadricep. Simply peel the backing from the tape and place it onto the desired area, pressing firmly to create a good seal with the skin.

How does Tri-Tape help me?

NIO Tri-Tape uses an all-natural formulation to restore focus, increase clarity and promote optimum wellness.Designed to build better athletes, NIØ provides a beneficial blend of nootropics which fight the effects of fatigue and stress.

Is Tri-Tape waterproof?

NIØ Tri-Tape is not waterproof but it is water resistant and can be worn in the shower. NIØ is made to stick with you. However, if a piece of Tri-Tape begins to peel, remove it and apply another.

How long can I wear Tri-Tape for?

Tri-Tape can be worn for up to 24 hours at a time. For best results, we recommend changing your tri-tape every 12 hours.

What kind of testing has been done on this product?

A mood study has been performed on NIØ Pre-Workout using POMS double-blind placebo testing. The results of this study show significant positive results in multiple categories such as Focus and Concentration. The study can be seen here.

In order to further test the benefits of NIØ, we have recently made arrangements with a laboratory to conduct human blood testing, and are working on a separate partnership to move forward with clinical trials on each of our products.
The World Anti Doping Agency has certified our products to be safe for use in the highest levels of athletic competition around the world through the Informed Sport Program.
NIØ continues to test our products in order to remain at the leading edge of certifications.

Is NIO Vegan?
YES! Pre-Workout has been certified vegan by an independent testing lab.