The tape was effective and I noticed an improvement in my performance. It's very durable but it did irritate my skin a little when I left it on for more than 12 hours.

The NIØ Tri-Tape did not fall off at any time during the week.  Once it was on every night, it did not come off until I peeled it off in the shower the next night. I felt a little more energetic during the week and yet had no problem sleeping until last night, which was the first time my quality of sleep was poor.  Not sure how much effect it had on my workouts at the cross-fit gym but I got through everything and had energy to spare.  Didn't necessarily feel stronger in terms of lifting weights but I did feel more endurance, if that makes sense.  Also, during the work day, I felt less tired than usual.  Didn't feel the need to get coffee a couple of times that maybe I would have.

I wore it for 8-12 hours a day before working out. Throughout the workout I had a noticeable increase in stamina and my asthma wasn't as triggered. Overall I had a personally noticeable increase in performance all around.

The tape was easy to use. I did not have any problems with it staying on all throughout the day, during workouts, etc. never used it in the shower though. I thought the effectiveness was pretty good, I felt less tired and it was easier to get through the day, my workout, and doing work after classes.” 

I didn't notice much of a difference in my physical or mental stamina. But the material it is made from stayed on all day without falling off so it's definitely good quality.”

When you put it on it stays on... Even when you train hard no worries.”

It stayed on during my martial arts training times, and i felt a slight difference in mood tones. The first day of using it, I felt a surge of adrenaline that lasted for like an hour or two.  The rest of the time using the tape, it was more subtle.  However, I did notice a positive change in my mood.  I felt more confident and driven.  The tape stayed on well, during performance, showering, and just going through my day.  It never fell off.  I do have sensitive skin, so it did bother me a little, but wasn't that bad.

The tape stayed on well and was easy to remove.”

It would come off at one corner frequently, but never the whole thing.  Seemed to mess with my sleep so I ended up taking it off earlier in the evenings (I'm normally stimulant and caffeine free, so I'm pretty sensitive to caffeine or other stimulants) 

The tape can withstand showers. It fell off once with sweat during a workout. hard to say if it worked, but I felt especially good the first day. I felt like I had a good workout and had an easy time understanding/communicating with people when talking. One day it gave me a minor rash after wearing it for like 18 hours. no pain or anything, just a red mark where the triangle was. No issues on other days even with long use.”

Noticeable improvements in my workouts (cardio and weightlifting). I performed better and had more energy left once I was done.

The tape could have a stronger adhesive on it, around the edges. When I put it on my shoulder and would have to contract my muscles it sometimes struggled to fully stay put. However, I do think the tape helped with my mood since I looked forward to going to my workouts more often, and felt I was in a better mental state. I was able to increase the number of reps I normally do for some exercises with minor difficulty.

I’m super excited that I had the active tape. I definitely feel like I had more energy and surprisingly I had a bit of a cold that I had been struggling with and I feel like it allowed me to get over it faster. No idea what’s in the tape. Kudos to you! I had great energy and felt better during my workouts!"

I really enjoyed trying NIØ, and I could definitely tell a difference.